28 November 2010 @ 11:32 pm
A Utility Belt Full of Crap (And a Positive Outlook) - A Batgirl Fanmix  


A Utility Belt Full of Crap and a Positive Outlook
A Stephanie Brown/Batgirl Mix

Down – Metric
After tonight another day, a chance to feel a different way. The sun is slowly changin' size still, sorrow in your eyes, sorrow in your eyes.

Painless – Mae
All these fading lights, have made me search for something more. Will there be a new tomorrow? Until this empty place is filled, I’ll keep pretending. Hey! Wait! Knock me down, and I'll get up again. Oh! Pain! A remedy that can erase your sting. I’ll keep holding, and I’ll keep trying, tonight.

A Matter of Time – Cartel
‘Cause where you are is where you'll be, always wanting everything. It's all the same and you can't ignore, ‘cause all you want is just to be more. It's creeping up again (it’s all things considered, it's a game and you're not the winner.) It's a haunting memory.

The Aftermath – Treaty of Paris
Tear it down and start again, if you’ve got nothing you’ve got nothing to lose. Come to terms and understand, if you’ve got nothing you’ve got nothing to prove.

Brave – Kelis
I was super cool, but now I'm super strong. I had nothing to loose, but I was super wrong. It was the circumstance I got the power from. I was super tough but now I'm super strong.

Unexpected Places – The Academy Is…
We always had been caged by the choices that we make. You sold yourself so short. Is this the way to carry on? In the most unexpected places, I see changes in the most unexpected faces.

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